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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crafty Designers' Choice Day at Craft Junkie Too - Banners, banners, & more banners!

Today is Designers' Choice Day at Craft Junkie Too and my choice is.......banners!  Yep, you guessed it.....I've made LOTS of banners!!  Haha!  How'd ya guess?  :)
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crafty designers

Well, first of all, I hate that I haven't posted in such a long while as I am really missing my crafting time lately!  Being a full time college student has been tough lately and it's interrupting my crafting!  OK, rant is over!  haha!  But seriously, I do look forward to some time in a couple weeks where I can seriously get some long-awaited crafting done! Yay!

But since last year (well basically since I started college full time), I have managed to squeeze in some time here and there to create some things and one of those things I love to create....banners!  I actually realized that I've made quite a few and haven't even shared them!  (Well, I actually did realize it at the time with being so busy with school and all!  But then after looking back, I just didn't realize how many I had actually created and didn't share!)  So it's time to share!  :)
And these are not in chronological order by ANY means.....haha!  So I'm just a sharin'!

So here is a banner I created for my hairdresser, Joy's daughter Krystal!  Krystal is a beautiful, young lady in college who is also a beautiful singer!  She loves music!  So a musical themed banner it is!  She has it proudly hung in her dorm room!  Awww!


Some close-ups of a couple of the pennants!

The next one is for another beautiful, young lady in college who happens to be my cousin Tiffany!  I made this banner for her birthday as go into her newly remodeled bedroom.  She wanted something purple and lime green......and so this is what I came up with!  She loved all the inspirational words it had on well as the tulle and her initials!  :)


I loved this adorable metal art clip that I added to one of the pennants!

Here is the matching card I made for her and the decorated matching gift bag!

Next up is a banner I also made for another beautiful, young 16yr old named Alisha that goes to my church!  She loves cows and has her whole room decorated in them so it was just fitting to make her a cow banner!  :)

Moooooo!   :)

The paper I used for this banner matched her Damask themed plates, cups, and napkins perfectly!!!  They had just told me that they were pink and black, so I did pretty good I thought!  :)


And of course, I had to include a pic of Carley enjoying some of Alisha's birthday cake at the party!  :) It was yummy!

And the next banner was a birthday present for my precious niece Courtney who turned 8 this year!  I made this banner for her to hang in her new bedroom, since her dad (my husband's brother) and my cousin were married last year.  (The last banner in this post below was for their wedding!)  So I created this girly, perfect-for-Courtney banner that was double-sided!  She hung this banner between the posts of her bed so she could see both sides!  :)  Smart little girl!


And the other side.....



The next banner I made for a cute little fellow whose name was supposed to be Davin.  His mom and dad changed his name right before he was born and I had already made the banner!  Ha!  So now I have that banner and am slowly working on changing the letters and creating more 'onesies' because his name is now Braydon!  And isn't he such a cutie!?!

Oh yeah.....back to the banner!  (I was a little distracted!)  :)

I loved the tiny clothespins I used on this banner with the onesies! :)

Well, like I mentioned, I am slowly working on re-doing this banner to say
B-R-A-Y-D-O-N but haven't finished it yet!  (Sorry Lisa it's taken so long but I'll get it to you soon......maybe in the next couple of weeks!)  :(

And finally, the last banner of this post......the one I made for my cousin (now sis-n-law) and brother-n-law (my hubby's brother).....for their wedding last October! 

For the "Mr & Mrs"!  :)  (Jerry & Allison)

Here it is all laid out before putting it together!  I LOVED the teal, coral & ivory colors they used in their wedding!
Close-up of the end pennants!

And this isn't a banner, but I made this for the wedding receiption as was a "well wishes/advice" board for the bride and groom!  I added two of the Damask Hearts on each side of their last initial in vinyl (made by my good friend Wendy with Visual Innovations.  That was a big 'ole "M"!  Thank you Wendy!)

And this was my hairpiece I created since I was a bridesmaid.....but you can't see it in the picture below.  :(  I made Carley's too but you can barely see it below too.

......and my husband was the best man! 
Our family pic below from the wedding!  (And of course Carley was sooo over the picture taking at that point!  Ha!)  :)

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great week! 

Create something beautiful!!  :)

**Credit:  Banner image above from Leelou Blogs**

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crafty Designers' Day at Craft Junkie Too - EASTER Projects!

Well hello all and Happy Spring!!  Can't believe it's here already!  Everything is blooming here in NC and the weather is crazy warm!  We'll soon be getting up for sunrise service, eating lunch, and hunting eggs on Easter day!  It's always a great day for me and my family!  And most importantly, it's a great day for what Easter presents......that our Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and arose from the grave.....and for all of those who believe in Him, will have His glorious promises of eternal life!  Amen!
So of course, Easter is the inspiration for our next challenge/theme for Crafty Designers Day at Craft Junkie Too! We were asked to create an Easter project.....but not a card.....any 3D items.....baskets, home decor, eggs, banners, etc.

crafty designers

Well last year I really out did myself in creating these cute-cute baskets for Easter!  They were my first ever 3D project/favors and I loved them and so did everyone else! Heehee! 

 Well, I wanted to do something different this year, but sort of the same for Carley's daycare class again.  So I decided to do another basket just bigger, but decorate what was INSIDE it this time! Ha! :)  So I made these cute Dum-Dum sucker flowers!  I just threw a few flowers and a leaf together and voila!

I used the Sweet Treats cartidge to cut the yellow, pink, and purple flower layers.  I used the Winter Wonderland cartridge to create the leaf layer.  I then used my Inkadinkado "Good News" stamps which were perfect for the occasion!  :)  I then punched a hole in the center of all of them for the Dum-Dum to fit through.

I thought they made perfect little bouquets!  :)

And well I know I said I was gonna decorate the INSIDE of the baskets, well you know me......I'm not gonna leave them plain!!!!  :)  I used the Sweet Treats cartridge again to create this basket.....I used the Fit to Page option which cut it at 11".  It was a nice size for what I needed.

So I printed the verse, Luke 24:7 onto yellow cardstock 6 times, then cut them out and rounded the corners.  I used dimensionals to attach them to one of the sides.

I used a cute jellybean ribbon to create a handle for each basket and simply stapled each end to the sides.  On the one above, you'll notice it's a little different, but I figure I can do that for my Carley.  (I actually ran out of the cute ribbon I was using for her classmates' baskets since I was doubling them for sturdiness.)  I cut two different cute tags(cards) from the Doodlecharms with a bunny image and the other, a basket image  I used these to cover up the stapling and to just jazz up the sides of course.  And as usual, I put "From: Mommy" on Carley's basket and "From : Carley" on the others on the little eggs I cut also from the Doodlecharms cartridge.

On the opposite side with a bunny 'card' covering up the staples, I added each child's first initial and just used the bunny cutout from the card as decoration!  :)  I cut these from the Sesame Street Font cartridge.

For example, this one's for Thatcher and the one below is for Eden!

Below is the basket filled with grass & goodies and the Dum-Dum flower bouquets I made!

Here are all 6 of them!  Aren't they so colorful and cute!  :)  I cannot wait to give them out! 
Carley's class is so much fun....they are all around the age of 2 and they are just a trip!  They get so excited over the least little things and it's so much fun!  They'll be having a party on April 5th and I can't wait to take these baskets of 'eggs' and 'flowers' that day!  I've printed them some coloring pages as well as they all seem to LOVE to color too!  Should be a fun day for all!

I hope you and your families all have a blessed Easter!

Luke 24:7