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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CJToo Project Day - "Bright & Fun"...and Cricut-less Too - and of course, Happy Birthday to two dear friends!

Welcome to CJToo's Crafty Designer's Team Project Day! 

Each designer was given the challenge to create something "Bright & Fun" no matter the materials or colors as long as it was just "Bright & Fun"!  No problem!  Above at the top, is a close-up of part of my project.....below are the other pics of my "Bright & Fun" projects that I created. 

I have two dear friends that have birthdays this week and how much fun is that?? :)  Birthdays are always fun!  So just throw in some bright colors and Viola!

Happy Birthday to Wendy and Jordan!! I love you both!
And notice I put this message especially in Carolina Blue for the both of you! ;)  Now that's love!  :)

Now onto my"Bright & Fun" project for today......

"Bright & Fun" Monogrammed Birthday cards!
I am so gonna make more of these for other friends because they were so fun to make! Now if you noticed the title.....yes, I managed NOT to use my Cricut! It was definitely a challenge for me, (which was NOT part of the Design Team's challenge at all) but it was something I just wanted to see if I could do.....and that is, to create something without using my Cricut and I thought they turned out beautifully! :) I love flowers, ribbon, and buttons so these cards got them all! :)

First off, this card is for Jordan who is one of the teens that went with me on the youth trip last week. She means so much to me and is the sweetest girl! She inspired me for the contents of her card.....the girly lace, the cute flowers, and the sparkle of her initial! She is all of these....girly, cute, and sparkly! :) Below is the inside of her card with matching papers and birthday sentiments.

This second card I created for my beautiful friend Wendy! She too is beautiful, bright, and fun! She is a very creative person and is super sweet! She is the one that created the super cute cupcake nursery for her baby girl (which I made a layout for her room - one of my first Cricut projects)!  Her name is Lanie.  Below is the inside of Wendy's card with bright matching papers and birthday sentiments as well.

I hope that both ladies enjoy their cards and certainly do not see this post before I give their cards to them! Haha! We'll see how that goes.....LOL

OK, so be sure to check out the rest of the design team's "Bright & Fun" projects by starting at Tracy's site, Craft Junkie Too

I hope you enjoy them all and are inspired as I was!  Have a great Wednesday!



  1. "Cricutless?" wow, you are a very brave and talented woman!! I dont think i could do it!!! Love your cards - the recipients will too!!

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  3. These are super cute! Fabulous job!
    Fellow DT member ;)

  4. Great job Shelley!! I find it a challenge to put away my Cricut for a project too... but the creativity that comes out is really worth it!!

    I love the monograms, but the personal stories are terrific too. Wonderful cards.

    TFS, Cheryl @

  5. Hi Shelley, just thought I'd drop by to see what you were up to lately. Your creations are fabulous! I love that you have a for sale section, good luck! Have you ever thought of opening an Etsy shop? I think it's free. (?) Anyway, glad to see you've been creating such beautiful projects lately. KIT!


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