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Monday, May 16, 2011

I have a new Award! :)

Yay!  I've been nominated for "The Versatile Blogger Award" by Sandy over at Sweet Pea's Card Creations. Thank you Sandy!

•Here are the *rules* of this award:
•Kiss the ring of the person who nominated you by linking back to her (or his) blog in
  your post.
•Share 7 facts about yourself that probably no one but you and your dog cares about.
•Contact your nominees and let them know you've tagged them.
•Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers

Here are the 7 facts about myself:1. I am glad I am saved!
2. I am married
3. I'm 36 years old
4. I have a daughter who is 17 months old yesterday!
5. I have 6 dogs and a beta fish!  :)
6. My favorite color is Red.
7. I too would love for someday my hobby (crafting) to become my full-time job! A girl can dream, right? :)

Now, to pass this award on to 15 other bloggers!  Mine are in no particular order:

Thank you again Sandy from Sweet Pea's Card Creations!! :)

Shelley (Carley's mom)


  1. congrats on your award... 6 dogs... wow.

  2. Hi Shelley! Thanks for thinking of me for the Versatile Blogger Award!! I need to post about my weekend's blog hop winner, but I'll get to passing on the award this week!

    Thanks again,
    Cheryl @

  3. Thank you so much for thinking of me!!! I enjoyed reading a little about you. I bet your house is a lot of fun with all those critters :)

  4. Shelley--you are JUST precious girl--thank you SO much! You made my day!

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K Andrew of Getitng Cricky!


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Shelley (Carley's mom!)